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You said what Revan did does not "fit in the star wars universe." To me, the Star Wars Universe refers to Star Wars as a whole, meaning EVERY FACET of Star Wars. So, for you to say that means what Revan did is in disagreement with EVERY FACET of Star Wars. Perhaps you don't think of the term "the Star Wars Universe" as meaning anything and everything Star Wars, but that's generally the way I've seen it used.

And what you wrote was no more specific. I quoted you exactly. If you look up at the post where I also quoted all of your Yoda quotes, I addressed every part of you said in regards to the topic of Revan's motivation being for something good destroys the Star Wars Universe. You asked if I'd actually listened to Kreia talk about that in-game, which I said I did. You asked if we could agree that Kreia said Revan went to the dark side to save the galaxy, I agreed. You then posted that this disagrees with what Yoda said, and so therefore you're not really sure of how it fits in the Star Wars Universe.

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