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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
If you would have actually debated and won I would have admitted defeat, but you didn't want to debate. You wanted to give new meaning to what I wrote. 2nd this really isn't a win or lose debate (even if you read what I actually wrote) it is merely opinion. That said, I have been known to change my opinion when some actually debates what I actually wrote.

For the record I am not saying you are lying to support your stance, but you are totally misrepresent what I wrote and completely misunderstanding my meaning. Instead of asking of asking for clarification. You just treated it as factual even when I wrote it was incorrect.
I debated what you wrote, especially given that you never offered anything as an alternative to my misunderstanding of what you wrote, aside from just stating I was wrong. But I'd really like to end this back and forth, and do so without bad blood. So could we just say the whole thing was a misunderstanding on both our parts and agree to leave this issue be?

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