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Originally Posted by Q View Post

You mean the prequels didn't do that for you first?
I lost all respect for Anakin thanks to the Prequels, but acting by Ewan McGreggor saved Obi-wan for me.
To me, Obi-Wan and the Jedi Council have neither gained nor lost much of anything so far, though Obi-Wan having a girlfriend was rather interesting and added some depth to his character that wasn't there before. However, TCW actually made Anakin likable, and that alone makes it worth watching.
I completely agree, Anakin was far better done in this season and the previous for TCW than the prequels combined. Had the story of his fall been around losing his apprentice, his fall to the dark side would have been waaayyyy more interesting.

However, it showed that the Jedi Council is imperfect, as it should be. That was greatly done in the finale.
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