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Originally Posted by beanlord56 View Post
@Lynk: I've been replaying the Dead Space 2, and thinking about your wall of text. After looking back on it and reading your theory about how the Site 12 Marker was concerned about its own Convergence, I believe the organic crap all over the walls during the drill segment before you enter the EarthGov facility were the early foundations of that Marker's own transformation of the remains of Titan into a Brother Moon. Thoughts?
The organic material is found in all three Dead Space games and seems to be organic material that can't be turned specifically into a Necromorph. Any and all organic material is harvested and used in convergence, but the difference between the site 12 marker and the red markers is that the red markers seem to want to prevent the final catalyst from causing the actual convergence event while the site 12 marker does everything it can to make it happen. The organic crap on the walls and stuff would happen regardless since it's hard-wired into the programming of what these things do, the same as creating Necromorphs.

I kind of wonder if Titan station had enough biological mass to form a moon though, it seemed like a lost cause considering the station is pretty small and convergence seems to require the materials from an entire planet to successfully create a fully formed moon. That's why I think the site 12 marker is defective in the way it was constructed since it was so dead set on achieving convergence even without the materials to do it properly. |

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