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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Yeah, Kreia's a liar and a manipulator, but what motive could she have for telling the Exile that a war, that he/she wasn't even aware of until talking to Atton on Peragus, had a more noble intention behind it than what the public knew. This doesn't really help steer the Exile in any direction.

Also, if I did take Kreia's word as gospel I'd have no qualms over saying the Exile is a stronger Jedi than Revan. Heck, it's not too far fetched for me to say it even without me taking Kreia's every word as fact.
Okay, I don't get it.... You admit Kreia is a liar. You admit she didn't even know about the war until Atton mentioned it. Yet you take her word on the MOTIVATIONS FOR THAT WAR? Seems fishy. I'd say her track record seems to prove that the only thing she was consistent on was manipulating the Exile into doing her bidding. She convinced the Exile to either kill or draw out the remaining jedi, and kill the ones who wronged her. She is more like the emperor in convincing people to do bad by changing the facts to fit her narrative. That's very consistent with Star Wars. The idea of Revan being somehow immune to the dark side influence seems outside the consistencies of Star Wars.

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