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Tyler went through his equipment again, finding little to use in this scenario. The inner release was jammed (and broken off), the console for controling the fighter (and its various parts, like the emergency release) was completely fried, and apparently cut from its power source. There was an outer release latch, though it was bent and Tyler couldn't reach it from here, within the cockpit. Inside of the console, he found that most of the inner components had been disconnected (presumably by the crash) and traveled down a half-hand sized hole.

If I could get out, I could find out why the engines failed, but that doesn't solve my situation or change the fact that I'm going to need a new ship if I want to get out of here.

Just then he noticed a large ship decending at a rather rapid pace. He calculated that it wouldn't hit him directly, though depending on how it impacted and how the sand shifted as a result, the cockpit he was in could be buried in sand, rolled over, hit by debris, or any combination of those things.

Just my luck I suppose...

He also noticed a black figure moving across the sand quickly, but he couldn't gather much information due to the distance.

Not a sand person, and that would be a huge Jawa. I bet it is a survivor from that other craft. Did they see me?

Many thoughts raced around in the head of this trapped human.
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