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Originally Posted by LDR View Post
Coming from Fair Strides, it's a good wow.
Thanks for that LDR. I've tried to build up a reputation for being positive and honest here at LF.

Originally Posted by Twigz View Post
Is that a good wow or a bad wow? xD> Brutal honesty here, man. Though, I've already accepted the fact that many wouldn't care for this type of thing in a Star Wars game.
Well, Dark Elves aren't part of Star Wars, but you did a superb job non-the-less. I'm not knocking you for your project choice and in fact I think that if you applied your energies in a different direction, say like the True Sith or making your own alien species, then I think you would excel.

Remember. doing what has never succeeded makes the result an art, but doing it to your own expectations makes it a masterpiece. Hope you keep learning.

Personally, I hold the belief that every modder when new will try out all the areas that they dare and in time will gravitate toward an area (or areas) where they feel comfortable. Mine are dialogue-writing and scripting. In time, you'll learn your center of modding.

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Hi! I messaged him on Facebook and got this answer: "Sure if he wants to release a new KSE, no problem. I'm surprised he was able to find all the perl modules. I released them a long time ago but they were buried somewhere in the KSE thread." So, go for it--please give him credit for the original work, though!
KSE 3.3.4 is LIVE!!! Check it out here.

12/13/13 -- Fixed KSE 3.3.4 bugs. Please check the above link.
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