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for the record, i have this game, and i've been playing it for a good long time. reminds me of the Uncharted games in a lot of ways when it comes to gameplay which is a very good thing. don't care much for the cover system in combat, but its functional. the story itself, however, is intriguing, but certainly not up the standards of most story-heavy games that i've played.

really, the best part of the game is the development of Lara Croft. she's not some sexed up Indiana Jones wannabe anymore, and in particular, she's one hell of a tough cookie. the best part of her development is how the devs get you to be emotionally tied to the events that happen to her throughout the game.

for those of you that love single-player content, this one has a bunch. i'm about 15 hrs in, and quite truthfully, i'm not sure when the game is going to end due to how the story likes to throw Lara curveballs right when you think that you've got it. i think i'm nearing the end, but i really don't know if i am or not.

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