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Been playing for the past two evenings and so far it's rather fun (according to what the save game shows I'm about halfway through, but we'll see). The only thing that has me slightly worried is that the more I play the game the more it seems like it's action/shooting section resembles all other cover-shooters a bit too much and in that regard I preferred the old way of doing things (i.e no cover and lots of acrobatics). Still, since the game offers a choice in approach, I'm actually using Lara's bow the most and going for a kind of stealth playthrough (as much as possible). I'm also not too thrilled at Lara's newfound swearing habits, but I guess the situation she's in can sorta justify it, but the new degree of blood and brutality might not have been always necessary (I don't mind it in general, but I just don't think all games should feature it).

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