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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Without required for the innocent to protect the innocent? What does that mean? (I really just don't understand what that means, no hostility intended).
It means the stupid auto correct on my phone stinks. Regard. As to the rest of my spelling errors, sorry I will quit posting if that is your attempt to win a non-win-able debate. This is all merely opinion by both sides

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
He likes facts, straight up. He wouldn't try to sell a more noble Revan to the Exile.
Plus the pure fact is nobody knows the pure facts about anyone’s motivations for anything. WTH are we debating anyways. I agree Revan went into it with the best of intentions, but fell to the darkside because he went down that path. Are you saying his straight up intentions were to go darkside? Now we get back to my earlier point that then he wasn’t taking the easier path, so then we are back to Revan being lazy. My Revan was not lazy, sorry that ruins the character more than anything TOR could have done.

Also TOR does poke a little fun at Revan’s actual sex on the Imperial side. The problem with TOR and Revan is people only play one class or see on YouTube video and base their facts off of that. I have played Smuggler, Knight, Consular and Agent to 50. I have also played Trooper to 41, and I still haven’t seen the full story of KotOR or TSL that TOR has to offer. Hell other than the Endar Spire, some statues and promise land reference in the smuggler story I hardly knew anything about either RPG before doing flashpoints. Same can pretty much be said for all the classes except the Knight and Warrior, although there is a quest on the Imperial side that has to do with a cult devoted to Revan, which is where I was talking about BioWare poking fun at Revan’s sex.

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