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Well, I am having issues with Telos... but, not that particular bit. I already completed Telos, from first arriving and getting arrested, all the way to leaving the academy.

I decided to return to Telos, to finish up on some things, and I get a seriously annoying glitch.

The whole "Arrested" quest tries to restart. The dock worker (in the window) says to please stand by, as Grenn is on his way, and he says that we are to be detained, but after the first dialogue options, it stops, and he just stands there. I can't talk to him, and all the Telos Maps and doors and everything acts like I have never been there before.

Has this happened to anyone else? And, if so, is there any way to fix this? I only have two saves before all of this, and they are on Peragus, at the beginning of the game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Also, I have TSLRCM 1.8.2, M4-78EP, XarWarz' hi-res, The Full Force Mod, and a few other, minor mods that change things like lightsabre flickering, some graphics, and things like that.

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