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TOR ate my KotOR
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He has played it, but not enough to see the story. Hell I haven't played enough to get the full story. What I have and can remember off the top of my head

1. The Foundry Guide ---- I didn't like
2. Endar Spire - Cheap filler
3. Jedi Prisoner - I liked the Revan role (the exile role is what annoyed me).
4. Raghoul disease Well done
5. Promise Land - Very well done
6. Taris - Archives - Well done
7. Revanite - Nice nod to Revan
8. Statues on Corellia - Nice little Nod
9. Knight Companion - Very well done, I hate it and the companion, but it was well done.

After TSL, I always thought the trip into the unknown region was a one way ticket. I figured that was why Revan took off alone, she wasn't looking to win a war, she was looking to delay the invasion. So I guess TOR lives up to my expectations since Revan and the Exile meet the goal I set for them. Plus TOR is a hell of a lot of fun to play.

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