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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
First; the UNhas the right to sanction any nation, member or not, that expects the rest of the world to play by their rules. The only reason the UN tends to leave the US alone is that we supplied not only their headquarters, but the lion share of the funds they use when they decide to act in the world; I.E, sending UN troops to the Ivory Coast required the US to supply the transport for both men and supplies.
That and as a permanent member of United Nation Security Council the U.S. along with France, Russia, China and the United Kingdom, pretty much have veto powers over any sanctions attempted on the United States.

So while the UN has the right to sanction the United States and the power, as long as the United States and for that matter the United Kingdom are permanent members of the Security Council the chances of the US getting sanctions are next to nil.

That said 15 to 20 years ago I would have said the same thing about North Korea getting UN sanctions, with China having veto rights, so anything is possible.

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