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Finished Citadel. My opinion is basically this:

Originally Posted by Titanius Anglesmith View Post
The mission story is a little ridiculous, and the rest is 100% fan-service. However, it's the best fan-service I've ever seen. It was entertaining and genuinely hilarious all throughout, and it was a much better send-off for these characters than the main game or the Extended Cut gave.

I really found the main plot ridiculous (and so damn *cheesy*), but halfway through, I decided to not bother and just roll with it - became a lot more enjoyable.

The DLC was full of self references to the series, and a bunch of ones directed towards the MP playerbase, which I got a kick out of (also some external references - [Grunt: "Are you a wizard?" ]).

Really liked the party sequence. Some really funny moments in there, and yeah, I think it was a much better sendoff to the characters than anything the main game ever did.
Great to see Zaeed in there as well.

On another note, I wonder if this may have had any influence on the creation of this DLC?

Show spoiler

I played Citadel with my first (and as yet, only) completed series playthrough. My Shepard didn't romance anyone, except Kelly in ME2; I was disappointed in her lack of inclusion in the DLC. For example, when asked 'why he was single', my Shepard replied that it was because he 'just hadn't found the right one' (right after reaffirming his relationship with Kelly in the same ME3 playthrough). The devs couldn't include everyone, and they have had a previous policy of downgrading Kelly's importance, so the decision is understandable. Still disappointed though - Kelly's the most psychologically stable* and attractive love interest in the series, IMO. She's the only LI to be disregarded like this in the series (excluding, perhaps Diana Allers. But I haven't even read about that, so I don't know).

*Well, until ME3

TBH I feel a little sad now that Shepard's story is over; I'm going to miss him and the Normandy crew. The series may have been fumbled with in the later instalments, but as a whole, the Mass Effect series was a memorable one. The writing wasn't that great, and the gameplay was alright, but the thing it did the best, and what I think it will be remembered for in the future, is its emotional engagement - some of the best in its generation, IMO. I have to tip my hat, and give my thanks to Bioware for that.

This series will have a special place in my feels for years to come.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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