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Icons and Values

I'm trying to make three new armors, each of these being the mandalorian armor+helmet disguises (blue, red and yellow).

Let's take the red one for example:

TemplateResRef: g_a_class88
Tag: G_A_CLASS88
Base Item: Defense Bonus 9
Cost: 10000
Additional Cost: 10000
Palette ID: 1
Upgrade Level: 0

Plot Item: Not crossed
Stolen: Not crossed
Charges: 0
Stack Size: 1
Model Variation: 88
Body Variation: 8
Texture Variation: 2

Saves as mand_r.uti

The problem is, every time I try to set the price and the model variation, they reset when I have saved. I used the g_a_class9010 armor for base, so every time I try to write 88 in M/V, it has reset to the original M/V 0 when I have saved and re-opened the editor. And the Cost value also reset, from 10000 to 8000.

The armors shows up in my inventory when I type their giveitem tag, and I can wear them, but their icons remain white boxes. As I've understood it, to attach an icon to the armor, I need the same tag number in both TemplateResRef, Tag and Model Variation, so I named the icon:


So with the Model Variation keeps resetting I can't get the icons.

What causes the values to reset?

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