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"Thank you, Avriela, and yes, there is something I desperately need. You were Sith, and so you likely have more insight into the mind of this parasite and murderer than I do. Why did he take Zarev, for instance? Was he weak, or at least any weaker than the other Jedi aboard this ship? What about me? I could just as easily have been his target! Also, does he want anything more than the full conquest of this galaxy? Not so long ago, there was a Dark Lady Traya. She wished the death and destruction of the Force itself. Please think back. This presence, whoever he is, controls not only Voleran but others as well. Why has he chosen possession as his tactic over more conventional mass slaughter? I need answers, and though you may not have all, please help me understand..."

Avriela shook her head. "I was in Zarev's mind on Tatooine and I remember that Zarev's mental defenses were quite strong. I still don't know how that voice got through them and they were even stronger when I helped him set up more mental defenses. No...Zarev was not weak. Personally...I think that whatever this thing was, it focused in on Zarev because he was possibly one of the strongest among us. And even then I doubt it had full control over him since he managed to briefly take back control of his body."

The former sith thought for a moment. "I don't think he wishes full control of the galaxy...At least not yet. So far we know that he has agents within the sith empire and the Jedi Order. I suspect that the sith we fought on Balmorra may have been a member of the Dark Council. This is just a theory...but I think that he hopes to take control of both the Republic and the Empire through the Order and the Dark Council with the agents he has in both. That could explain why he has chosen infiltration above an all out attack."

Avriela could see that Per'dra was still distressed. The former sith thought for a moment on what she had seen back in Zarev's mind on Tatooine: His love for Per'dra and his willingness to give his life for her.

"Per'dra...I...well...I think there's something you need to know about Zarev. I saw something in his mind on Tatooine and I think it's time you know what it was...if you want to know. I don't wish to cause anyone any further pain but it's your choice."
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