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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post

just noticed...

Grumble grumble.... I'll take being lumped in with Achilles Tot and Q, but LYNK!!!

Careful, Tommy, mim's just trying to get Lynk to do the dirty work.

As to overall topic at hand, was a bit disappointed in TSL, but it didn't stop me from playing it multiple times (esp due to modding). The ending felt a bit too abrupt for my tastes, but it was an ending just the same. And TOR doesn't feel any less Star Wars than any of the other games. Having read the Revan novel last year, I had an idea of what would happen in context of game. Don't really get attraction to Lego games......but whatever floats your boat in that direction (I'm not taking a ride though ). With a number of changes (mostly mechanics, not story), TOR would have made a fun SP game, but still w/enough flourishes to keep you in SW universe. Does feel like a grind at times as you lvl ever upward, but having dependable groupings makes it feel less so. Not really a big fan of mmo's anyway, but w/nothing to compare it too from doesn't suffer such criticisms for me. Now.....if I can just get to lvl50 before my sub runs out.......

And yeah, not a big fan of killing off Chewie......but it IS their property.

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