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Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

"Can you understand basic?"

Rarakor stared at the Transdoshan for a moment and than narrowed his eyes. "((Yes...I understand Basic. I do not speak it though. Who are you? And why do you ally yourself with these hunters? Most of your kind do not ally themselves with others."))

Mos Eisley Cantina

"That was nothing. You should've seen me against these two Iridorians. That was a good one."

Daceros chuckled as they left the cantina only to find three heavily armed stormtroopers wating outside checking the IDs of those who were leaving. The chiss frowned. "I'm going to assume that they're looking for either your or me. Or possibly both of us."

"I have a ship we could talk freely on. It's in one of the docking bays."

Daceros looked over at Enobaria who was currently hiding herself in a waste disposal droid. "Alright. I think the best plan is to split ourselves up and meet at the docking bays. I'll escort Enobaria to the ship. Which docking bay is it located in?"

Dune Sea

Varias shook her head as she finally cut a hole in the cockpit and grabbed the human by one of his raised hands and pulled him out. "I have a feeling that you are not imperial and that means you have nothing to fear. But now is not a time to make introductions, now is the time to run."

She pointed up at the falling rebel cruiser which was now extremley close to hitting the sand. She grabbed the human's hand just as the ship hit the sand.

A large wave of sand erupted from the ground and covered the small ship she had just pulled the human out of nearly instantly. The Jedi concentrated for a moment and a barrier of force energy surrounded the two of them.

"Hold on!" She shouted as the sand shifted around them. Varias struggled to keep on her feet. She knew that if she lost her balance and fell she would most likely be covered in an instant.

As she struggled to keep her balance she saw what looked like a figure heading for the site where the fighter had been a moment ago but it looked as if he had fallen.
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