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Originally Posted by The Lord of Chaos View Post
So why can't Obsidian make KotOR III and ignore BioWare? And BioWare did ignore Obsidian. They made it that the emperor turned Revan to the dark side, ignoring the fact that Revan left the infrastructure of the Republic intact and waged a war of conversion, not destruction.
This may be reaching a bit, but I'll give it a try:

It would make sense in war (pre encounter of Vitiate's obese force presence smother corruption surprise will crush thing) to save the infrastructure and tactical locations first.

Once Revan and Malak had beat back the Mandalorians and faced the old Emperor for the first (and for Malak, only) time, they came back. When they were out of reach of Vitiate, their will was their own once again, just now corrupted. It would make sense, then, that if Revan was going to take over the republic, he'd leave it intact enough to actually have something to take. Especially since he was planning mutiny against Vitiate.

As far as the war of conversion: though the will-crush effects and memories were directly sealed or blocked off in the minds of Malak and Revan to allow them to regain control (similar to supressing/repressing memories of abuse or disturbing horros), they knew/figured out what had happened and how it had been done.
Who is to say now that they didn't know how to use the power themselves at this point? Also, the Rakatan facilities did many, many advanced things, so it is not unreasonable to believe Revan had some kind of technological help to give him an edge over the minds and wills of the already willing followers for conversion. Malak probably did, too. Only thing was now, Malak was scheming to take over this movement for himself as Revan was preoccupied, scheming to take revenge on Vitiate.

Vitiate, having been Naga Sadow's apprentice, was probably aware of the Star Forge due to the star map in Sadow's tomb. However, the only time he might have been in a position to do anything about it and get it for himself, he was not powerful enough to have succeeded. The other pieces of the star map were either in neutral or Republic territory and remained so. Therefore he must not have known the full extent of its power or its drawbacks. So he trusted 2 new lackeys because he did not want to reveal himself. He essentially sent them on a death/suicide mission and planned to attack when the republic was still wounded and recovering.

Far as Kreia's other stuff: While she believed Revan knew the difference between falling and sacrificing himself to the darkness, she did disclaimer that this is as she knew him long ago and may not have been true anymore. Or it could hint that while Revan may have been corrupted, he possibly went with it at the last moment because Vitiate's will was not absolute (he'd have already taken over the galaxy if it was) and he needed minions for his deeds. So it was rope-a-dope, scheming, conniving.
I think sacrificing to darkness was more appropriate for Kreia because of the role she took, all the deception, lies, and manipulation, to get The Exile to evolve, change, and face the past once again. She's hateful and evil, but part of her motive was selfless (much as she wouldn't want to admit that).
I think even though she was dead serious about her dark desires to kill the force, she also wished to raise another apprentice like her first, or better.

Other contrary things she said can be safely chalked up to simply speculation or deception.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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