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"I suppose it's for the best if he's dead, although I know in my heart it's far from it. I could be exiled for my feelings, because a Jedi is to know no passion - only serenity."

"Really? That seems...well it seems very harsh. I was actually under the impression that under special circumstances that Jedi are allowed to begin a relationship or even marry. It was mostly from rumors that I heard from other students and jedi who had joined the sith but still...behind every rumor is a grain of truth."

"One more thing: as a Sith, was there anything you were uniquely taught? I hear the Sith Order specializes in treating each member as if they were the only one in the galaxy of any importance. What did they tell you, and promise you, in order to get you to pledge your life to them?"

Avriala smiled sadly at the memories that started to come to the surface of her mind at that question. "I was taught to find an enemie's weakspot and exploit it. And I was encouraged to test myself against the other students under threat of death." She said quietly. I was encouraged to fight rivals, enemies...even my friends all to the death."

"To be totally honest...I was taken to Korriban against my will. They didn't promise me anything except a painful death if I didn't pledge myself to the sith. I managed to barely pass my trials and my master tolerated my compassion towards others. But when she died the other students quickly turned on me and I was forced to flee."

A thoughtful expression appeared on her face. "I've often wondered what would have happened if I had been taken by the jedi. At times when I was on the run I considered turning myself over to them but I never had the courage to do it."
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