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Lightbulb A simpler solution to the dual core problems

Well since the awesomely patched exe I heard so much about was pretty much gone from the innernets D:< I hunted a while and came up with a solution that seems to be working pretty darn perfectly.

Required items:

One computer

One copy of Grim Fandango that will get into the game (aka a version patched for modern pcs with a launcher I found somewhere a while back which didn't fix the problems but did make it install on a 64 bit system) or one that doesn't get that far and the 64 bit installer that I lost the link to

One copy of a launcher thing like the one found here:


Step 1: Install Grim fandango with a 64 bit installer as found elsewhere in the internets

Step 2:Open Win2kLauncher or other similar program

Step 3:Fill out the program name as Grim Fandango (Or desired name within the launcher)

Step 4:Use the button in the launcher to browse to Grim fandango's main exe (or as I did due to laziness the other launcher's shortcut on the desktop(that is installed by the 64 bit installer))

Step 5:Give it whatever priority you feel it should have with the scroll bar (I went one off the max since the max seemed a bit high) and uncheck all the processor boxes apart from the first (it shows 9 boxes iirc even on dual core machines)

Step 6:Use the launch button in the win2klauncher after selecting the name you gave the profile for Grim Fandango

Step 7:?

Step 8:Profit (or just have fun playing Grim Fandango without any nasty audio freezing/game freezing, that works too)

So yeah I hope this helps anyone with problems in future.
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