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"Where are we headed? Shouldn't we perform maintenance on the ship?"

Vlalkor was checking the Kolto tank making sure it hadn't sustained any damage during Zarev's attack on the ship. Luckily it looked as if it had managed to avoid any damage. He made sure that Kif was properly secured in the tank before turning to look at Light,

"Avriela said that we're heading for Taris. I don't exactly know why we're going there. The planet is filled to the brim with Rakghouls. I know that the Republic is attempting to reclaim the planet but it's not looking good. As for maintenance...I had to reroute power from a few systems to get us off Balmorra and into hyperspace. Right now the only weapon we have is our concussion missle launcher. Zarev managed to do a number on the laser cannons so those are gone for good."

"I could use some help with the repairs though. Certain repairs are going to require two people. If you've got a minute do you think you could give me a hand with them?"

He looked over at Corsail as he stumbled into the medbay. He looked as if he was about to pass out.

"Anyone want to explain what just happened? One second we were fighting a sith lord, the next we're attacking Zarev, who was apparently attempting to destroy the ship."

Vlalkor grabbed a painkiller and handed it to Corsail. "This should supress the pain for awhile while your body heals." He said. "As for Zarev...I don't know what happened with him. But something about him before he attacked us. He used to force to press me against the pilot's seat until I had trouble breathing. As far I know he started killing those republic troops that we're attacking us and then he just stopped and then the next thing we knew the troops formed up on him and he used the force to take out the majority of our weapons and damage the engines."

"Why did he throw himself off the building? Was Zarev a traitor? Or...."

Vlalkor didn't know that Zarev had thrown himself off the Republic HQ. He had assumed that someone had managed to kill him. "I don't know." He said simply. "I just don't know."
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