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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
George Lucas always said they would run for 5 seasons, regardless of ratings.

But to be honest I think Disney plan to Market Star wars with their other franchises as epic teen/adult Cinematic experiences (Which it once was), and are making a conscious effort to move away from the pre-teen Saturday morning cartoon, that has dominated Star Wars for the last decade, and put all efforts in to centralizing our attention on Episode VII. When I was a Kid, Star Wars was massively popular as it is now, but It was cool, and respected by other film makers and fans of other genres. Now its kind of a Joke outside of kids, and dads who want to indoctrinate their kids lol. Star Wars can be epic once more!

also, Detours, and other comedy/kid stuff has also been put on the back burner
Yeah those star wars detours are for Kids but l do hope Star wars would be epic but too bad star wars the clone wars got canceled

Mesage from JAT to TCW here is the link

Who you are light or dark hmm!!!

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