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Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
It wasn't just BioWare who ignored TSL. Basically every run of TSL breaks SW canon.
TSL was the best thing to happen to Star Wars. As Saget said; it brought forth interesting questions and thought on the nature of the force, and people in general.

TOR reversed this progress, by reverting to the EVIL EMPIRE lead by the PURE EVIL Emperor. Bioware then blatantly copied TSL, by essentially giving this PURE EVIL Emperor the same abilities as Nihilus, except weaker (Nihilus didn't need some silly ritual to do what he did). The Emperor comes across as a villain who is powerful, not due to his own merits, but because the plot demands it.

But why does the plot demand it? Because the original trilogy was about good versus evil, and all of us love a good simple tale of a hero overcoming the villain every once and a while. What doomed Mass Effect series was when they went against this, when they tried to make the big indisputable evil into a beast with best intentions. By reversing the themes of the previous installments, they ruined the story.

KOTOR1 was largely your heroes journey, your standard Star Wars affair (with a few twists). However, that's not all it was. You had characters like Jolee questioning the values of the Jedi. You had the council, who thought themselves so morally right that they turned someone into someone else in attempt to make that person serve them. The Jedi weren't the completely perfect defenders of good and light in KOTOR, the narrative were questioned.

The same couldn't be said of the Sith, who were pretty much shown to be the evilest evil who ever eviled. KOTORII, as a good sequel, took the lambasting of the Jedi to a whole new level. You see the consequences of war, which show how horrible it can be and the affects the actions of those who are normally shown as the good guys can have on everyone else (if you don't think this belongs in the Star Wars Universe, check out the Clone Wars comics; those are another good example of the Jedi not being depicted as perfect). KOTORII brings some sympathy, some understanding to the Sith (though not very much), and completely lambasts the Jedi for their claimed perfection.

This "attack" on the Jedi is good; in order to tell a compelling story the characters and the factions in them must be sympathetic, must be something we can relate to. We (as humans) aren't perfect; there is no perfectly good faction that makes everything perfect just by being perfect with their magic or force. By deconstructing the Jedi, KOTORII made them more human.

TOR turns this around, by simply ignoring this. Jedi are turned into the largely perfect organization yet again, though I'm not entirely sure how bad it is as I haven't played much of it. Worse still, they ignore the issues and events brought up by KOTORII and just make up new ones, recycled from previous Star Wars stories. To add to this monstrous pile of nonsense, they compound this with a lack of roleplaying (less dialogue options besides evil and good), shoddy graphics, terrible gameplay, and hilariously awful writing catered towards "romantic" relationships ("payment in kisses").

I'm not saying that you have to be dark and serious, the Jedi don't have to be seen as "evil" (I would call them evil) as they were in KOTORII. The Reapers in Mass Effect were best shown as a pure evil, but every other race or character was shown to be a mix (prior to ME3). Not everyone has to be morally questionable, but for us to relate to them as characters, to make the narrative more believable, those that would appear human should act human. The flaws in the good guys make it easier for us to believe in them. Otherwise, you'll be as the Jedi are shown as in Episodes 1, 2, 3: painful Mary Sue depictions of the guardians of light and peace. As shown in the movies, who can relate to Mace Windu? Or Qui Gon? They aren't characters, they have no personality, we cannot relate to them.

Sorry this got so long, I only meant to write a short response. Also, I'm aware that not every rule or idea I wrote is always right; as I tried to show with the Reapers, pure evil and pure good are not always bad. However, when pure evil and pure good replace anything relating to characters, you have uninteresting names and faces acting out a story, rather than a story to which you can relate.

KOTOR I and II were the best thing in Star Wars since Empire Strikes back; perfect characters/factions (whether good or evil) are bad most of the time, TOR ignored the creativeness and themes of KOTORI and II and instead replaces them with overly simple good v evil. Also, I cannot write short responses and instead write incredibly pretentious, long winded ones.

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