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TOR does have its moments in regard to ditching the Saturday-Morning-Cartoon black-and-white feature, but they're often negated due to the Railroad Express being so blatantly visible. One Post-Act III Interlude storyarc is Exhibit A.

While TOR isn't exactly conducive to RP (beyond what happens along the quests' storylines), there are a few instances where things get interesting regarding characters. I find the light side Sith PCs interesting (because of the dynamic that they provide to Sith in general), but I have a feeling LA will just deem the dark side ones canon (complete with canon species and gender selections!). It was nice knowing you, Darth Imperius.

Another interesting thing to note in TOR is the number of dead high ranking Sith Lords and Imperial officers vs. dead high ranking Jedi Masters and Republic officers. And who in each group was killed by whom.

I would have loved to see TSL get a little more attention in SW lore, but it was being scuttled out the side long before TOR came into the public light (as I mentioned, you can't play the game [vanilla or RCM] without breaking SW canon, thanks to various material that covered the events of the game). I'd like to see Star Wars have more (intellectually) mature content in general, which is something that TSL (and few select SW entries) provided.
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