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Originally Posted by Paddy Garcia View Post
Although, contrary to what I said, some of the plot lines were the most asinine things I'd ever seen. Like everything touching Revan. You're telling me, that the Exile (who defeated Nihilus) and Revan, could not defeat the Emperor, who was essentially a less powerful Nihilus (He had to do some complex ritual to eat a world). In fact, the Revan book provides a good idea of Bioware's priorities. Kill off the Exile and keep Revan alive for hundreds of years.
And you want to make more of a parallel, take a look at the fates of T3-M4 and HK-47 and who made more use of which droid. While HK-47's was decided far before T3-M4's, it's still something to note.

Regarding the Emperor, while I wasn't expecting Revan and the Exile to off him, the entire sequence of events could have gone better.

And just because some threads are split between characters, it doesn't mean the game is deeper. I think that's more of a ploy to ensure players would pay to play longer what was initially a subscription based game, so they could see all in the story.
And the thing is, after your first Republic and Imperial character, the only thing left to play is the class storylines, because the planetary storylines are the same for each individual who does them. So who did what when we're talking beyond the class quests? If you did them only on your first character that makes sense, but after that you have people dying multiple deaths or unique objects being found in the same spot by different people at different times.

Regarding the class stories, I think it makes things a bit more interesting in the fact that you don't have *THE one* like Revan or the Exile, but 8 major movers who shape the start of the war.
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