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Originally Posted by Paddy Garcia View Post
I haven't played them, I have watched part or all of most of the story lines. It's been a while, though.

I agree with DAWUSS' assessment, that the "eight major movers" is more interesting than THE ONE, though it'd be more interesting if someone made an RPG where you don't play as a big hero.

I'd have to rewatch the different stories to remember what was wrong with them, though what's wrong in TOR is mainly how they simply reverted KOTOR2 to a world similar to KOTOR1 (Big Sith empire v big Jedi Republic) and shoddy production values.
Trust me, play them. It's free. Then at least you can speak with some authority. Going by your assessment of the stories and the treatment of the Good/Bad dynamic, you really don't know enough to comment, and if the watching of videos left you with that impression, then you watched the wrong videos. Seriously, just play for yourself and make your own determination. Going light side on the imperial side is really fun, and produces some rather good story elements which explain why nice people would work for the empire.

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