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Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

"((Yes...I understand Basic. I do not speak it though. Who are you? And why do you ally yourself with these hunters? Most of your kind do not ally themselves with others."))

"My name, is Zothressk, and I am not like most of my kind. I used work with the galactic republic, before the empire took over. Now i'm with the tuskens because it's one of the few places left that I know of thats safe from the empire, and even thats about to change." He explained. Zothressk didn't want to tell everything to a complete stranger, but he was pretty good at spotting when he could make possible allies. If he was going to win this wookie over, he was going to have to show him some trust.

"Have a look." Zothressk said, showing him the republic emblem on his vest. "Even though the republic has fallen, I still wear it proudly, as I always will. The empire can kill me, but they can never take away my beliefs, or my honor. I am not afraid of the empire, and I will do anythi-" Zothressk stopped himself, realizing he had accidently gone into a speach.

"Forgive me, I think some of my anger towards the empire was starting to surface. I don't know if you cared about the republic, but the empire are scum, mindless drones without honor, and the sith that lead them are pure evil."

Zothressk looked at the chains that held the wookie captive, "You didn't come here to get captured by the tuskens, and listen to me I take it? What is a wookie doing all the way out on tatooine? What were you hoping to find amongst the sands of the Dune Sea?"

Lets rock and role play!
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