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Name: Nay'Yaahd

Age: 31

Race: Shape-Changer

Gender: Male

Career: Wanderer

Class: Priest

Forms: Mariner, Gorilla, Eagle

Weapons: Throwing Darts, Shortsword, Grappling Hook

Spells: Fire Blast, Holy Shield

Casual Clothing: Red sweatpants, green T-shirt, no shoes

Combat Clothing/Armor: Nay wears a small chest plate and greaves overtop his regular clothing. These armor pieces are enchanted to morph with him so he retains them when shifting forms.

Description: Shorter than most, in all of his forms. He has short black hair, allowing him to go into battle with his sight unhindered. He keeps himself very well-groomed, as to blend in very well in any crowds.

Personality: Very paranoid, always watching behind his back due to a slaver raid that occurred before he received the message. Has an eidetic memory, allowing him to be the brains of whatever group he's in. He prefers to work in groups, since he knows that people will watch his back.

Bio: Born in the time frame between the Revolution and Concerning Mr. Grey, he was born in the country-side and raised by his mother and father, both Shape-Changers also. The first half of his life was fairly uninteresting, until at the age of thirteen, raiders attacked the farm he lived on, killing his mother and father, and thrashing him within and inch of his life, leaving him for dead. A kindly wizard found him while passing by the farm and took him to the nearest city, leaving him at a Medical Clinic. The wizard returned a year later, and took the child under his wing, training him to be a Mage. Nay showed an affinity for the art of sword-play near the end of his training, and was sent off by the wizard to receive training in that field. This caused him to become a Priest, but he enjoyed the art of swords more than the maces and other heavy weapons that the Priests normally used. At the age of 20, when most Shape-Changers obtain their final forms, his personality forced him into the path of a Gorilla and Eagle, the two most deadly forms that a Shape-Changer can take. A letter was sent to him during his twenty-seventh year, along with the Time Transporter. He was one of the first to be sent the Time Transporter, and thus it sent him a few years ahead of schedule. Since his humanoid form was that of a Mariner, he took up residence in one of their cities, studying as hard as he could. He set up his own library, which became the largest library second only to the Library of Magic.

Affiliations: Assassin's Guild

Activity Level: On for at least four hours every day after school, can post as long as I am on.

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