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"I have the gut feeling that I'll need your help even more during the second half of this mission. This is horrible to say, but I'm glad you know the minds of our enemies better than I do. Specifically, you know their hate, and it's time to counter it with what we Jedi know is right: fairness and honor."

Avriala smiled as she got to her feet. "Agreed." She said as she watched Light come into the room.

"Hey, the group is trying to decide on a leader. Everyone else is in the med-bay, so if you will come with me, we can all discuss it."

"Of course." Avriela said with a smile. "I'l be there in just a moment." She said quietly as she turned to Per'dra. "Let me know if you ever need someone to talk to."

Smuggler Spaceport

"Let me get this want to go to Taris? You have a nearly infinite choice of planets to go to and you choose to go to that Rakghoul infested toxic hole?" The smuggler shook his head. "I'm sorry but you have to be out of your mind to want to go there. I was there once and I don't plan on ever going again. I still have nightmares about that place."

The man facing the smuggler was dressed in a black cloak that he aquired in exchange for one of his few of his remaining kolto packs. The people of Balmorra needed help and though he hated himself for doing it, he had exchanged one of his three remaining packs in exchange for the cloak.

"Listen." The figure began quietly. "I am offering you quite a few credits in exchange for this journey to Taris. You don't even have to drop me off on the planet itself. Just the orbital station. I swear you won't even see a Rakghoul. You are the only captain that has a functioning kolto tank aboard his ship and Its a three day journey and I need at least two days to heal my injuries. I promise you won't hear a word from me."

The smuggler paused for a moment and finally shook his head in defeat. "Fine. You have a deal. Five hundred credits in exchange for a trip to the most nightmarish planet in galactic history. I saw that you were limping earlier, if your paying that much the least I can do is give you a hand to the ship."

"Much appreciated." The figure muttered as he got to his feet and the smuggler grabbed his arm and helped him walk out towards the hanger.
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