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I知 sorry to pick up this threat from the grave but i was quite inspired by all of the covers shown here.
I have a small collection of old games without their boxes (due to expensive international shipping) and never thought about placing them in dvd cases and be displayed next to my other games and movies.

So i made a few and wanted to share.

At first I wanted to make the covers to be exactly like their original boxes, but looking at a huge deal of images I saw one that caught my eye about Day of the Tentacle and thought it could look even better as a cover than the original box was.
So i re-drew that image and used it for the front and took another image that felt was really great of the characters and placed it on the back.
I placed this cover on a green xbox case and it looks fantastic.

I must note I only re-drew the front image and texts and i don稚 know who drew the other images I used though.

Here is a preview of the DOTT cover.

Here is another I made for fate of Atlantis, I used a combination of an original box and the poster from Laserschwert(?)

Another one using the box and another poster from Laserschwert(?)
Though I知 not too happy with it.

This one was lots of work, i had to repaint, fix and extend a good deal of the image, i also started with a very low source, but i like the end result and I知 kind of proud of it :P.

This one is still kind of a work in progress, the original idea was made by another person and looked great though too dark, so i looked for the images he used and reworked them a bit, I知 still not happy since these images are extremely low res but it gives a sense of paper texture and doesn稚 make the low res too noticeable.
I changed the fonts of the logo to be more noir like and added the skeleton lucasarts logo.
I might change some things later on as I知 not 100% convinced and still hope to find better resolution images to work with. But overall I知 liking it and I must praise the original author for a great design idea.

PS: I can upload the higher res files upon request, I just want to see if you guys like them enough.

These are not Adventure games related but I thought I壇 share as well.

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