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Cool Guy Handmaiden Improved Mod Idea From KOTOR Files Pic Of The Day

I saw this pic on lucasforums and kotor files and I thought that I could get this mod but alas it has been made but no one has uoloaded it. Some guy called DarthStewe made it but has not yet released it yet.

Here are the two links to the forums and pics:

LucasForums Link *Post #18 For The picture*:

KOTOR Files Picture Of The Day: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...15447x#1773106

My request is someone make this mod or contact DarthStewe and ask him to upload his wonderful mod! Because I think it would be a great conversion for the handmaiden or all the handmaidens in fact. I was always disappointed by how small their *assets* were!

Please add this to your list of cool mods because it would really make me happy and others too!
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