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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I didn't hate it, but I'm glad its done. I never liked the path it took Star Wars down, now is its chance to rebuild a fan-base that includes me. selfish yes, but that's kinda the point, I pay hundreds a year in games, merchandise and general interest, makes sense to me that it be stuff I actually enjoy.
lol I don't get this attitude AT ALL. If you dislike the Clone Wars, the prequels, or any other "spin-off" or anything other than the original trilogy, it's simple - just don't pay attention to it!

If you're so selfish about it, why do you care if the fan base is rebuilt? Besides, I think you can see that a large portion of the fan base (including many veteran, hardcore fans) are sad to see the Clone Wars go out like this.

You can like whatever you want, but it's just such a weird attitude to take about something people obviously get a lot of joy from.

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