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If you so much as touch that child I swear I'll launch you out into space in a cargo pod.

Tyrannus gave a wry smile. He loved it when Jedi threatened. So un Jedi-like. He replied, "Children are precious Jedi. Sometimes its the ones hidden that are most sought."

He had sensed the energy from the Jedi. He couldn't believe it and he could make out the connection to the one that he thought had died but apparently he didn't.

You just made the last mistake you'll ever make.

"On the contrary," Tyrannus replied, "I never make a mistake when it comes to one from the family that is my blood feud enemy. A shame that it must be carried on to the offspring." He gave a look at Alriana's abdomen as he pulled out his lightsaber to counter the attack. He sent a force wave towards the pair.


Don't worry, I have a few ideas in mind.

Jun-la replied, "I have no doubt. What is your plan?" She could sense the child, scared and Alriana getting angry. Not a good thing for the baby but something must have happened to make her in that mode Jun-la knew too well with her own daughter. "Best come up with it now."

Death's Head

Tavaryn was staring out into space. Even though he couldn't see anything beyond what he could see, it sort of helped in that he was watching Alriana. Even through distance, their bond was as strong as ever.

Tavaryn...Tyrannus is here.

His back stiffened at that. He thought the bastard would stay away for a long time. He was also plagued by feelings of guilt. He was well aware of the blood feud that started millennia before he was born. He now brought it on Alriana and his child.

He then grew angry. He was tired of being hounded because of his family. They did good things and were mocked or hated. His anger was heavy and he ended up breaking a beaker that was nearby. A first in a long time. He turned and saw Belina and said, "An old enemy has come back Admiral."

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