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Originally Posted by Bob Saget View Post
Jedi Outcast - Kyle, Jan, Desann

Jedi Academy - none really, I was too focused on the horrible performance of Jaden and Rosh.
Wasn't horrible.It's just George Lucas.I laughed every time when Rosh get's hurt. XD

Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
Hey l don't known much about Tavion at JKO she look much better but at JKA there still something is still is missing on her l can't figurout
Hmmmm.Don't know.I prefer the one at JKA.Mabye if Disney(i hate to say it because i don't want to see their logo on a SW franchise) makes a new JK game(that would be a blast because JKA is 10 years old) they would yet again include her in it with even a newer look.But i doubt it.The new SW movies will be directed by a ST dirrector(no offence but he knows how to use a phaser,not a blaster and a lightsaber) and who knows who they will take in charge for the gaming comunity.Mabye a fat guy who can sell cars but not knowing how to work on a game.There is a person for each job.

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