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Death's Head

"It is an old enemy going back to the days of Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. My family is from that line. It is complicated but I will not see my children harmed by it. Is there a way to get to that station?"

Belina answered without a moment of hesitation. "Both you and Alriana have saved my life more times then I can count and I refuse to see any of you or your children hurt. Take anything you need. The fastest ship aboard the Death's Head is most likely one of those new one man resistance fighters we've been working on. Heavily armed and faster than anything else we've got. But be careful: There are a few glitches with the targeting scanners."


"All right brother of the Shadows this enemy is one that has declared the line of the Heart of the Guardian a sangtahut. May grace be with us."

Xandros nodded and ignited his own lightsaber and grabbed one of the flashbangs in his other hand. "Fight well." He said as he ran into the room and immediatly targeted Tyrannus and gathered the force around himself and unleashed a blast of force energy towards Tyrannus.

We're coming. Don't be afraid.

It's difficult not to be. She sent back as Xandros charged into the room with his lightsaber ignited and a flashbang in his hand. She continued trying to push Tyrannus against the wall as Varith continued to assault the sith with streams of lightning. The Cathar dark jedi was getting weaker as he continued to use force lightning against Tyrannus.
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