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Originally Posted by duster View Post
Wasn't horrible.It's just George Lucas.I laughed every time when Rosh get's hurt. XD
Please. If Jaden was replaced by a block of wood, nobody would know the difference. His writing was terrible, the lines he spoke were often cheesy. It was only when he turned to the Dark side where it actually got interesting.

Rosh on the other hand is a re-incarnation of Jar Jar Binks as a Jedi that I just could not help but kill him every time on Taspir. His voice acting makes me want to play the game with no audio, I feel nothing but annoyance for him.

If they managed to replace these two fools with respectable and awesome characters, the game would probably rank in my top 3 for star wars games.

Also, I kept begging Jaden to call Tavion a moron for trying get a new master instead of becoming her own master.

P.S. - Dark Side ending for JKA is far more fun as an off topic note, mainly due to the conflict being so much more tensioned and making the story likeable. Fighting Kyle as a boss is far more interesting than fighting a possessed Tavion. Had we actually fought the physical being of Marka Ragnos, that would have been cool.
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