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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
What I mean is that a concentration camp, for whatever reason, including
'ethnic cleansing', is defined as an internal police matter, and therefore not covered by international law.

Put it this way; if the Nazis were running a nation today, and slaughtering Jews with gay abandon, yet we were not at war with them, we could not stop them by declaring war, because the camps are not a valid reason to do so.
By 'action' I mean political pressure, as opposed to military aggression.
As in, sanction the crap out of them in every economical context, while simultaneously appealing to the moral judgements of individual populations across the planet (with the hypothetical documentations of the camps) in order to increase the likelihood of the sanctions being enacted by participating countries, governmental departments, and relevant individual people.
Basically the same idea as tree-huggers breaking into a factory farm, taking videos of animal cruelty, and urging people not to buy products from that farm.

Could also just have the Jedi destroy the camps, free people, and start a revolution - all the while acting own their own personal mandates as opposed to that of any political entity.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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