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Originally Posted by duster View Post
Lol.You're kinda right but a bit too drastic.The game is only good for the additional stuff(dual sabers,staffs ect.).I guess the makers wanted the SP to be played over and over.I doubt that it was very hard to make the additional stuff because they basicly copyed JKO's files,made new textures,changed some DLL's and some coding changes.I even see JKO files in JKA's...So they could have made a more enjoyable story.
I'm being nice compared to what others have said about the duo of terribleness. The game itself is cool, I mainly use SP as a sandbox for my personal mods and duels that I don't usually use MP for. Thing is, Raven Software was lazy as it did not copy over some of the original JKO files. they should have kept the original stormtrooper voices. Far more hilarious to kill.

Lol.I played only when i was a dark sided character.You can make whatever you want.Even make Tavion fight like Kyle(boss).I think that all it needs to be done are some force power changes,the health and most importantly the class.
What needs to be changed is to have the duel move around like in the movies, say when Tavion/Kyle reaches X health, they destroy a wall and go through, dragging you into some dynamic new corridor or something that you have to keep moving through.

May sound stupid, but that keeps the attention of the player. Also, not only do you need force power changes, but also nowadays OJP is a requirement practically to have good saber fights.
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