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((Once again, I apologize for the wait.))

"We can discuss freely here. You have no fear of me or my ship.",

Daceros looked around just to be safe as he made sure that Enobaria was safetly aboard the ship before boarding. His senses were warning him that something was wrong here but he couldn't figure out what it was. He knew that jedi had the ability to sense when danger was nearby but as far as he knew he had no force sensativity to speak of.

He made sure that his blaster pistol was set to stun before turning to face the force user, He was sure this mysterious force user was not a sith since he wasn't dead yet or being force be honest, he wasn't sure this one was a jedi.

"I think it's time for introductions." He said. "I am Daceros, I was a Mandalorian warrior before the Empire destroyed my clan.

Dune Sea

Varias was about to try and wake the armored individual when she suddenly whipped around just in time to block a gaffi stick that would have most likely bashed in her head.

Tusken Raiders! Where did they come from?!

She extended one of her hands and sent the raider flying through the air only to see seven more of them running over the edge of one of the sand dunes towards her and Tyler who was still hopefully hidden.

She raised her lightsaber in a defensive stance and began deflecting blaster bolts back at the few raiders that were firing at her while the rest began to close the gap between the raiders and herself.
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