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Thumbs down The unique way of thinking...

Just because some poor, pathetic and uninteresting men who don't have anything to do with their lives THINK they have a huge power with their LITTLE button called 'close thread' (and they're sooooo pleased to use it), we're all suppose to be thinking the same way, always say the same things, the same jokes...

I say this cause I just looked around some closed threads in this messaegboard and I'm shocked... The censorship is unacceptable, it makes me think of the 3rd Reich !

I shall remind the SO-CALLED moderators that using excessively of their little power could lead them to be punished by the Ultimate Bulletin Board team which I am contacting RIGHT NOW or even, in a much more serious way, to be sued for undermining freedom of expression.

Only threads that don't respect others in an obvious way should be deleted ! Like those that are full of meaningless insults to everyone on the board.


Moderators, what's the matter with you ?!

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