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Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

((I have fought against the Empire since it formed.")) Rarakor grunted. (("If you are an enemy of the Empire than you may fear nothing from me."))

"Very few are brave enough to stand up against the empire." Zothressk stated "If you have the courage to fight them, or die trying, in my eyes, you are an honorable warrior."

(("I am not on this planet by choice. I am the Avenger of Kashyyyk and I am searching for a certain Imperial squad that was responsible for the death of my Wife Chalurra and my son Arribecca. They were killed when the Empire attacked our village and now I hunt them across the stars. My ship crashed here due to damage from a previous battle.))

Zothressk let out a short sigh. The empire has to be stopped, but hunting down one insignificant imperial squad won't really change anything. "I'm sorry for your loss, and I understand how you must feel, the empire is very good at taking the things you love the most from you."

Zothressk placed his clawed hands onto the bars of the holding pen and looked into the wookie's eyes, "I can't promise you that we'll find the imperials who killed your family, however if you let me aid you, I can guarantee you that you'll have a good opportunity to strike a great blow against the empire itself."

Dune Sea

Ruurrhra, the tusken who was leading the party sent to investigate the crash site, roared in disbelief, as the young human managed to take down two of his warriors before they were even able to fire a shot. He was about to give an order to use explosives, but told his men to hold back when he saw more tuskens pouring down from other directions towards the crashed ship.

Other tribes must have seen the ship falling from the sky aswell. He thought to himself. "Hold back, let them fight each other first, then we will move in and kill or capture the survivors." Ruurrhra told his group. Tuskens from every angle charged towards the jedi, hoping to overrun her, at the same time the tusken tribes were fighting each other. A tusken sniper positioned up on a sand hill fired at Tyler, barely missing him. He roared in frustration, then took aim again.

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