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I'm not a mod or admin on this forum, but I am an admin at (the equivalent of a Supreme Allied Commander here). Believe me, we do not close threads merely because we don't like what somebody has to say. We do not edit posts when we don't like what somebody has to say.

What we do do is this: If a member posts something that is abusive or insulting, the thread will most assuredly be closed and/or the post edited (edited posts are always well flagged so that users will know they are edited).

Other examples of threads that could be closed are: Someone whining to a mod/admin about a ban decision or revoking of privileges decision that was made, or someone who was banned who somehow skirts the ban, signs on and posts something questioning the ban and making a big stink. These people were banned for a reason, and if they skirt the ban, it usually isn't for a good reason, and their posting on the forum will not be tolerated.

Another reason would be someone who tries to revive a tense topic. As Stealth said in the newest closed post, "Some things are better left dead." Threads are closed mainly to keep the peace in the forum.

This BB is not somebody's soap box, this is a site owned by somebody who allows users to come and post on it. The owner of the site has every right to make the rules concerning the material posted. As it is right now, the rules are quite lenient. Posting on this BB is a privilege, not a right. As it is right now, I think the moderators and Admins have been quite patient and whatnot with all the excitement about bogus "Wedgey" and "cz24" users. I probably wouldn't have been as patient.

This board in no way undermines freedom of speech. What it does is utilize the rights it has to set guidelines on what may be posted. This is not a government owned site. This is privately owned. Besides, UBB has no authority over what rules we set on forums.

If you read closely, or even not so closely, you will see that everyone here does NOT think or act the same way. People here are free to express themselves, but only within the rules, which are common sensical, courteous, and are the same as anywhere else on the face of the earth.

Please spare us your bleeding heart liberal soap-box lecture.

...Like Ike, if I could be like Ike...

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