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Destroy the Godmodder

Destroy the Godmodder!

The objective of this game is, of course, to destroy the godmodder.

A godmodder is someone on a forum, normally an admin or moderator, that is able to counter or block any attack towards him.

1. You can help the godmodder, but don't expect him to help you back. Expect betrayal...
2. The godmodder can be beaten, but you have to use attacks that can't be godmodded.
3. Don't expect any attacks to work more than once.
4. Summoning can take a while. Make progress bars or that kind of thing for summoning huge "anti-godmodder bosses" or the like.
5. Any attacks on the godmodder usually won't do any damage, and if they do, they'll do very little.

Godmodder HP: 100/100

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