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Well Zeniffer I am a so called moderator and you are making some serious mistakes here buddy. Stealh owns, controlls, designs, and maintains this board. As much as you consider it a public domain you obviously did'nt read that little legal script you accepted when you registered. Stealth owns Filos tis Zennifer Paris as he owns every single post, thread, and user here. Myself, Lujaynne, Lt. Cracken and Gunner have been given the privelage of helping to maintain this forum. So we say what we like and dont like, and consult eachother. And overall, we make the final call on wether posts and or users should be allowed to exist.

Why would you be afraid of censorship? If you posted accordingly to the forum rules we would'nt censor you. and as I said before,
The only ones that should be afraid of censorship are the ones who have done something wrong.
So Filos tis Zennifer Paris, what have you done wrong to be so fearful?

Signature? I dont need no stinkin signature!

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