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Can't see it because someone at EM isn't very good at Facebook privacy settings. The picture does look like a terrible photoshop, and it all seems like a two-day April Fool's to also get the people on the other side of the world.

My current theory is that if at all the game exists, it's some kind of an amusing 2D parody (Eidos did after all go out of their way to trademark it); while Deus Ex: The Fall is the real title of the next game, likely revealed at the Xbox event or E3.

The squares in particular make me think it's going to be pixel art. If it's a 2D indie pixel art game, then it may actually have Adam Jensen, be a game and be based on a "new engine".

Either way, I hope it isn't real, mostly because I'd rather they move away from the art style >_>

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