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3D modeling programs. Ill suited for K1 & 2 modeling or no?

ATM I am looking into various programs.

3DSmax is obviously too prohibitive price wise , and I not beein' suggesting ye go out and commit an act of, erhmm, "Arrgh matey!" for it. Heheh. IIRC JCarter426, you were of the opinon it was work of the , being that another autodesk modeling program is superior.

I have been looking around lately at programs and wonder if anyone else here has had experience with them... and possibly hoping one I'm considering may yet be of at least marginally better use tham gmax to a ...project I have been working on off and on.


I have iClone3 SE already--came along as part of magix Movie Edit PRO 15. I am aware they are now to version 5. My YT stuff didn't go anywhere so it's just sitting.

3DX. A modeling and animating program. Modestly priced. Seems good so far...

Daz Studio. Cheaper than above but good, supposedly can be had for free if you know when and where to look for a deal package (which implies spending more money on other stuff to go with it).

Poser 7, 8, 9. Seen it on my last trek through Fry's Electronics. May not be the most advanced but it works for some things. By smith micro--Have a couple of their other products, anime studio debut 6 and manga studio debut 4 so bringing up for familiarity sake.

Any of these even remotely useful for remodeling heads in TSL? I have other leisurely aspirations involving 3d, so I'm just wondering. It'd be nice to tackle more projects with fewer programs.

Thanks for the input my fellow denisens of LF.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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