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"We should probably ask there first, chase down any leads they give us, and work on a way to differentiate the controlled and the free. Anything any of these people say to us could be a trap, so we should figure out how to tell them apart first."

Vlalkor nodded in agreement. "Agreed. If we do find anyone who has been controlled we should study their movements without raising their suspicians. We don't want another incident like the one on Balmorra."

"Do you think they would display lack of emotion? If their being controlled, I would think the controller would have a hard time putting fake expressions over so many at one time, since his influence apparently spans over several worlds. I don't know much about how his power is supposed to work so i'm just making guesses."

Vlalkor thought for a moment. "It's possible. Whoever the controller is may be focusing the majority of his abilities on those who are fighting back against his control while using only a small amount to take control of the ones who's mind's are already gone. Keep an eyes out for anything unusual."

Smugger Vessell

The smuggler looked at his passenger who was standing near the loading ramp and shook his head. "Be careful down there, I tried to find an area thats clear of Rakghouls but there may be a few I missed." He said as he manuvered the ship above a wrecked wall so his passenger could land on something other then the ground.

"Don't worry." The cloaked figure said as he jumped down from the ramp onto the wall and began to climb down to the ground . "The thing I'm worried about makes the Rakghouls look like Iriz." The smuggler's ship turned towards the sky and vanished after a few moments as the cloaked figure threw back his hood.

"Alright Voleran..." Zarev muttered as he turned towards a large building that was off in the distance. "I think it's time you and I have a chat." He started walking off towards the building with his hand down on his lightsaber just in case he ran into a rakghoul.
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