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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
What you choose to actually model in is irrelevant. All that matters is that you can get the resultant mesh into either Max or GMax so it can be set up and exported using the NWMax script.

I would suggest that if you do not already have any modelling proficiency and are looking to learn, GMax is probably a good place to start. It's a free, albeit crippled, version of Max 4.
That's where I am. I was hoping for something a little more than Gmax but I guess I'll keep chipping away.

Although it can't do many things a lot of modern modelling apps can, it still retains the same basic Max workflow and conventions, so it puts you in good stead down the track (Max is the industry standard).
So if I got good with it, I'd be able to get the hang of other programs fairly quickly which are (presumably) based off the same or similar?

The other main alternative in the free category is Blender. The downside is that it is arguably even more horrible to use than Max, but the upside is a lot of game modding custom content production is centred around it, so there are all sorts of import/export scripts available for various games (like TES and FO3/NV for example). If you aren't angling to pursue a career and modding is just a hobby, Blender might be the more optimal route in the long run.
Hm. Well Gmax isn't quite in the "horrible" department for me. But I will certainly keep that in mind since, yeah, it probably won't be a career.

Regardless of what you model in, if you want animated meshes like heads, you'll have to do the skinning/weighting in Max/GMax. Especially if you are using GMax as your export vector, as your import options are very limited, so the chances of importing a fully rigged and weighted mesh are virtually nil.
Not that I really know what I'm talking about. Just... As it relates to modeling: is it a sort of incompatibility of exporting/importing files or is it just a flat lack of recognition?

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
Just so you know, Daz and Poser are not modeling apps. What you do with them is take pre-made stuff and just create scenes and render them. If you want to actually learn 3D modeling, don't go for either.
Ah. Oh, ok so they're just visual programs? Might be handy for other stuff.

Just so you know though, you don't have have to do anything special to get Daz for free. Just go to their website and download it.
lol yea, I found that out after logging off making my op here. Felt kinda foolish. Just discovered XNA posing studio too. Apparently in the same boat.

EDIT: BTW thanks! Appreciate it!!!

iClone? It's meant for pre-vis and motion capture.
Good to know.

Also, I obviously don't know if you are, but if you are a college student you can download Max from the Autodesk student site for free.
Ehh was but kinda ...burned that bridge.

Still, if I could possibly pull a maneuver with another C.C.'s graphics it a limited time trial thing like you have it for as long as you are taking classes, or is it the whole thing for keeps?

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