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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Hm. Well Gmax isn't quite in the "horrible" department for me.
If you came into it cold then you have an advantage. You've never known anything different, so you don't know what you are missing, or worse, had to adapt to it from a completely different set of workflow conventions.

Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Not that I really know what I'm talking about. Just... As it relates to modeling: is it a sort of incompatibility of exporting/importing files or is it just a flat lack of recognition?
As I mentioned, GMax is crippled, and one of the ways is the restriction of file formats it supports. Out of the box, it doesn't accept anything except its own GMax files and the 3DS format (which is basically useless). There is a way to get around this to a degree. GMax still retains Maxscript, so there are a number of scripts available (like NWMax) that can import and export various file types, side-stepping the limitations. However, this only goes so far, so generally you are limited to static meshes (OBJ arguably being the best vector). So my point was if you wanted to model a head/body in another program, you could do that. But you would then need to bring it into GMax before skinning/weighting it to the KOTOR rig.

Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Ah. Oh, ok so they're just visual programs? Might be handy for other stuff.
When I first started out in modelling, "Poser porn" was a big thing. Basically taking models of naked women and arranging (posing, as the name implies) them in various titillating positions/scenes. Presumably there were also various other visualisation purposes that it was actually intended and used for (architecture, etc.). There was a whole slew of 3rd party companies that made various Poser ready meshes: people, clothing, props (furniture, etc.). I think it kind of died out once all the major 3D apps started coming bundled with more advanced character tools and render engines, and specific versions aimed at visualisation related stuff, but for a while there Poser was the go-to app for that sort of thing.
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